• Sustains High Energy & Endurance
  • Prolongs Exercise Tolerance
  • Replenishes Glucose Levels Instantly

Extreme Edge® Carbo Load contains fuel as no-sugar-added formula with the precise amounts and ideal balance of performance-enhancing nutrients to push the body through a vigorous workout of unrivaled training intensity. ◆

The revolutionary glucose-refueling stack prolongs endurance and exercise tolerance with 38 grams of intense complex carbohydrates and long-chain glucose polymers – from waxy maize, maltodextrin, steel cut oats, brown rice and D-ribose – which are rapidly broken down into glucose, the body’s primary source of fuel. There are no added simple sugars to temporarily spike blood glucose levels. And, the waxy maize also serves as a rapid nutrient delivery system, helping muscle cells absorb performance-enhancing ingredients more quickly for immediate refueling. In addition, it saves liver and muscle glycogen for use during recovery. ◆

To instantly replenish glucose levels – helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and avoid the dreaded blood-sugar nosedive – each serving of Extreme Edge Carbo Load provides a crucial GlucoSHOCK action stack. This proprietary blend not only contains alpha lipoic acid and chromium, but also patented, water-soluble Cinnulin PF®, the world’s finest and purest cinnamon bark extract, which has been scientifically proven to support healthy glucose levels – essential during both extreme workouts and crucial competitions. ◆