There’s no question you’re committed to your sport.  You eat a rigid diet, lead a regimented life, and train at an insane level.  But let’s be honest.  When it comes to sports nutrition,
like many athletes, you may take supplements that contain unhealthy ingredients or even banned substances.  All in pursuit of extreme performance.  So much for treating your body like a temple!

Extreme Edge outperforms all others. Three professional-strength formulas deliver explosive power naturally – before, during and after your workout. The muscle-enhancing nutrients come from the best sources on Earth.  Pure.  Pristine.  Unadulterated.

In fact, Extreme Edge is so pure, it has earned the NSF Certified for Sport® seal revered by major sports authorities. You see, there are no hormones, antibiotics, DMAA, or banned substances in Extreme Edge. No excess protein to leave you bloated.  No surplus stimulants to make you jittery and then crash.

Even the caffeine comes from pure, natural sources – like green tea and cocoa beans – and is used in strictly responsible levels.  The sweeteners also come from natural sources like sugar cane, low-calorie stevia extract and naturally occurring, plant-based sugar alcohols. And, there are no artificial fillers, binders or unnecessary excipients.  So every way you look at it, Extreme Edge is the natural choice. 

"Pure and natural” doesn’t mean you’re tapping out.  Just the opposite. Extreme Edge is scientifically formulated to edge you out both mentally and physically. This comprehensive nutritional regimen – designed specifically for bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and strength/resistance-trained athletes – exploits the raw power of nature, so you can crush it every time you hit the weights or training field. 

Extreme Edge refuses to sacrifice quality at any level – with nutrient stacks that leave others in the dust. These three hardcore performance-enhancing formulas are on the cutting edge of sports nutrition to deliver everything you need to develop your body’s full potential. Awesome ingredients in uncompromising potencies, dosages and ratios determined by science. All designed to prime your mind and muscles and send your energy levels into overdrive. So you can power up and power through, endure skin-tearing pumps, pack on size and strength – and defy the rigors of recovery.

Isn’t that what mind-blowing, muscle-pumping, rival-annihilating performance is all about?

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