For over the past two decades, Bluebonnet Nutrition has been committed to offering the finest, high-quality supplements available in the natural products marketplace. In fact, we pride ourselves on leading the quality charge in our industry. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bluebonnet would lead the charge in offering the first line of sports nutrition supplements that packs a lean and mean punch on the purity front. It is ironic that even though bodybuilders and serious athletes treat their bodies like temples, sports nutrition brands continue to load their supplements with unhealthy ingredients (e.g., excess protein, excess stimulants, excess sugar, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors, etc…. and even banned substances). What’s surprising is that bodybuilders and athletes continue to accept and consume these inferior products with little discrimination since they focus more on whether the product works than what it contains. In fact, there are few sports nutrition brands that truly care about both! That is until now. With Extreme Edge®, the search for clean, unadulterated and effective sports nutrition supplements for hardcore bodybuilders and serious athletes that addresses their multiple yet individual nutritional needs beyond excess protein, sugar and stimulants is OVER!

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